Rohan Rath

A bit about me, my life & what I do.

Picture by © Rohan Rath, 2016
About: Milky Way above Mount Bromo, an active somma volcano in East Java, Indonesia.

About Me

Technologist, 8 years.

Photographer, 6 years.

Noob Fitness Enthusiast, 7 years.

On the lookout for my next adventure!

What's the point of this website?

To put up a portfolio beyond the usual Social Media platforms and customize it as I would like it. Beyond that, I would like to display my works, write a few articles and hold on to my domain name. Haha!

Unleash creativity

Photography helped me unlock a lot of my creativity and use that to build an audience.

Model: Vaishnavi Andhale

Career as a Technologist